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Support the Foundation's Mission;
Support our Neighbors

We are always in need of raising funds to provide support to our community. Any donation is appreciated; and 100% of donations directly support individuals in our community. 

To donate to the Greater Salem Area Foundation,​

  • Click here for a pdf Donation Form (you will need to print and mail the completed form)

  • Click here to fill out the pdf Donation Form online (you will still need to print, sign, and mail the form).  

    If you don’t already have Acrobat Reader, download it here. Launch Reader and then open the PDF, or just double-click the file to open it directly in Adobe Reader.

Donate your car, land boat, or motorcycle to the Foundation;. this gift is worth a tax credit equal to a minimum of $500. If you are interested in donating a car, please contact the Foundation at

Make a lasting impact in our community. Remember us in your will; set up an endowment or trust. View this endowment brochure to learn more or contact us at

Have questions or wish to speak with someone about donations or support?

Please contact us at

Or call 618-813-3432

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