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It’s Easy to Join Us


We are always in need of raising funds to provide support to our community. Any donation is appreciated; and 100% of donations directly support individuals in our community. 

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Each spring, the Foundation partners with the Greater Salem Chamber and Salem Times Commoner to honor the significant contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community. See highlights from the 2020 Evening of Honors, truly a heartwarming and inspirational group of recipients this year!


When the Greater Salem Foundation became inundated with requests for home repairs, Board Members suggested that perhaps area churches were already serving similar needs. They called together a meeting of representatives from area churches to see if the community could fulfill home repair needs, with financial support from the City of Salem and the Greater Salem Foundation.


The church representatives accepted this challenge.


In 2018, the Mission Salem committee was created, as part of the Greater Salem Foundation. In the first year, $25,500 in grants and donations was received, $5200 in material donations, with 7 churches and over 170 volunteers, completing 19 projects. In 2019, Mission Salem secured $39,000, had 10 churches partnering, and completed or approved 23 projects. 

Mission Salem is always looking for support: volunteers, community and business partners, and donations. Click below to find out more about the Mission Salem's efforts, needs, and opportunities for you to get involved.


The Salem Foundation is made up of many business and professional people living, working and dedicated to the Salem area. Use your personal talents to help our staff and community. We’re always on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about dedicating their time and support to our charitable cause. If you want to personally make a difference in the lives of others in the Salem area, there’s no better way than getting involved with Greater Salem Area Foundation.

Fundraising Opportunities
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